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There's lots of ways to cast. Try this simple method for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

If you're a first-timer, practise with a casting plug, like a wine bottle cork or a plastic plug you buy from your local fishing tackle shop. Attach this to the end of your line where the hook normally goes until you have the knack.

A warning: Don't try this indoors. You can practise in an open area where there's no trees, overhanging branches or power lines.

Now follow our simple steps. Ask an adult for help if you have any problems.

1. Facing the water in the direction you want to cast, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Have your right foot slightly in front, pointing in the direction you want to cast.
2. Wind the line back with the handle until the sinker is at the top of the rod. About 30cm of fishing line is hanging. Then hold onto the base of the rod with your writing hand with your index finger above the reel and the middle finger is below.
3. Pull back on the fishing line with your index finger and hold it against the rod. Then with your other hand pull the metal bar (mouth) on the top of the reel back. This allows the line to run freely when casting.
4. Now it's time to cast. Hold your rod with the tip pointing towards the sky. Slowly tilt the rod over your shoulder, keeping your eyes on the end of the rod and making sure the line doesn't tangle around the tip.
5. In a steady motion, flick the rod forward and take your finger off the fishing line as the tip of the rod is pointing in front of you. Not before.

Photos: Pino Foti
6. Close the mouth on the reel by pushing the metal bar back into position and turn the handle until there's no slack in the line. Now wait for fish to bite. Leave your finger on the line to feel a fish biting.



  • Stand 10m away from the next person fishing.
  • Never swing the rod around. You might hook someone.
  • Don't take your finger off until the tip of the rod is in front of you - or you could hook yourself.
  • If you hook yourself, don't panic. Cut the fishing line, leave the hook in and get Mum or Dad to take you to the doctor. Better still, use a barbless hook.

Fish 'n Kids homepage learn to fish did you know help save fish fun stuff school projects fish pets fish recipes